Drum Making Workshop

By Vital Village Metaphysical Shoppe (other events)

2 Dates Through Apr 04, 2020

Join Dave Cyr and I for a two day event to build your own spiritual drum and receive the teachings to do so.
There are teachings and much respect shown in the art of drum making. Learn Ojibway cultural teaching in drum making, the care of the drum, and using it with respect.
Tune into the heartbeat of Mother Earth, as you make a magical connection to a sacred and ancient craft.
­ The drum is the Heartbeat of Mother Earth.
­ Many believe that the drum is their culture and its use unifies and represents who the people are.
­ Drums and drumming draw communities together.
­ Drumming and singing - the sharing of songs - allows for the sharing of knowledge.
­ Drums can be used for many events, wedding, feasts, naming events, funerals... almost anywhere people gather.
­ If we listen, the drum speaks in its own voice.
­ Drums and drumming can teach many lessons. The history and lore of the people is contained in the songs, dances and stories of Indigenous People.
As can be seen from the above short list, the main, over-arching component of all the points is “Respect.” Respect for the traditions, our Mother the Earth, for each other and for the concept of sharing. The drum is much more than just another musical instrument. It speaks the heartbeat of the earth, the voice of the Ancestors, the rhythm and soul of the people. The drum (in all its forms) goes far beyond being just a rhythmic accompaniment. Drums hold the people together. It is a great responsibility to own a drum and an ever-greater responsibility to play the drum
Build the drum on March 28th 2020
Come back once its dried on April 4th, 2020 to Wake the Drum, as we feast and have a smudge.
All drum materials are included to make a 12 inch drum, as well as the feast on Day 2.

The drum kit has a solid red oak round hand drum, babiche lacing,red willow-buckskin drumstick, and deer rawhide drum cover.

We will require a deposit of $75 when registering.
Total cost $200

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Vital Village Metaphysical Shoppe 960 St. Mary's Road