Crow Medicine Full Moon Retreat Jan 2020

By Vital Village Metaphysical Shoppe (other events)

Thursday, January 9 2020 6:00 PM 9:30 PM CDT

Our planet is shifting and ascending, and people are awakening. In the animal kingdom, it is crow who has mastered this journey. Animals live in a magical spiritual world, but only the crow and raven family are able to walk between our 3D mundane world, AND the spirit world, delivering messages to both. Crow brings change, and challenges us to be ourselves in a world that doesn’t accept things it doesn’t understand.
On this path, there are curiosities about the OTHER world. When we awaken to the beauty and magic, we wonder how to access it, and become a part of it.

Crow magic and medicine is our guide.

I invite you to participate in a metaphysical journey to the “otherworld” with me, and use tools and guidance to discover the world that is just beyond reach. We can walk between worlds to discover ourselves more fully, meet with ancestors, and receive the visions and information we need to be more fully present in the here and now.

When: Thursday January 9th, 2020

Meet and Greet (6:00-7 pm, arrive anytime from 6:00-6:45pm)
Sharing Circle and Smudge
Crow Medicine Teaching
Opening our Chakras meditation
Journeying With Our Guides in the Akashic Realm with our own intents and working with Crow and Full Moon Energy to release blocks and highlight our life purpose work and what we need to carry forward to be strong during this massive ascension transition time.
Sharing Our Visions, group share with tea and snacks

We come together to meditate, and share once a month. It is an art form to learn to walk between the worlds and be able to navigate in both. In our supportive group we discuss topics of interest, have meditations that strengthen us to walk the 3D world as well as the 5D spiritual world. We use crow as our guide as he has mastered this balance.

Benefits of this Journey will be greater clarity, and an increased sense of peace and well being. What a relief to receive confirmation that all those thoughts and feelings we have are true. Receive a greater confidence to step forward in life and know what you need now to be more balanced and receptive to life’s joy’s and abundance flow from the universe.

Why a guided journey with an experienced spiritual walker? This is a guided journey for newcomers who want to walk on the other side. More experienced travelers can go alone. Until you are ready, best to go on the “guided tour bus”!

I will ensure your “vessel” is protected while you walk, and that you do not carry home unwanted spiritual attachments or energy. Our sacred space only allows that which serves your highest purpose to enter, and any wayward spirit energy is guided towards the light for transmutation to love and joy.

Fuel up your energy with a group of like minded spiritual "travellers" as we learn from each other and share our journey and stories.

Limited Space

Investment: $19
send by e transfer to [email protected]

or pick up tickets at the shoppe

Mailing Address

Vital Village Metaphysical Shoppe 960 St. Mary's Road